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Behind the Walks

Meet the Head Coach & Founder!

Who would have ever thought that trying out and being chosen to walk in a middle school fashion show at twelve years of age would be the start of such great things for me and all those that have crossed my path in the last twelve years? That first "YES" catapulted my self-esteem to the heavens. It provided me with the confidence to walk in my truth and begin my journey as a Runway Coach of my very own company.


Throughout my college career, I began sharing my love for everything fashion and modeling with my friends and other aspiring models. In doing so, it's been amazing to see how I have touched so many of my peers and helped them gain the ability to overcome their fears and become the best version of themselves.


Today, I am best known for my ability to assist models with walking THEIR walk ... not Naomi Campbell’s walk ... not Alton Mason’s walk, but THEIRS. My coaching focuses on pinpointing and highlighting individual models’ strengths and uniqueness. My opinion is that self-confidence comes from knowing who you are, what you’re good at, and rolling
with that.


As with most things in life, confidence is #1. Being a successful model, for me is NOT just about the runway, it's about building self-esteem. When you are self-confident you CAN and WILL conquer all of your pursuits.

I coach because I love it. I love the industry. I love the people I meet. And I love helping and inspiring models to walk THEIR walk.

-Megan Jeanee
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