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Ready to Walk Your Walk?

In Your Walk equips models with the needed knowledge and technique to get
booked and thrive in their modeling careers. Our coaching focuses on pinpointing and highlighting individual models’ strengths and uniqueness. We are looking for those dedicated models ready to invest time, money, and energy into coaching and walking THEIR walk. 

Interested in any of the services below, but need more information on which service best fits you? Schedule your Free Phone Consultation Today! 


1-on-1 Runway Session

Give your walk the attention it deserves!


This private coaching is dedicated to improving your signature walk. Work on the areas you need help in the most. Posing and posture also included.


Model Intensive Program

Practice Makes Permanent!

(18+ and up)

6 - week program that combines high quality curriculum with experienced instruction to help you achieve your professional, or personal model goals.

Registration Opening Soon!
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Additional Services

- Casting Direction

- Model Coordination

- Compcard Design

- Pose Direction

- Digitals

Modeling Agencies, Event Managers, & Organizations

Are you an agency looking to give your models the needed runway attention they deserve? An event manager looking to prepare your models for your upcoming fashion show? Or an organization/school looking for a fun self-confidence program?


Well, we're here to help! If you’re interested in
customized services email us by clicking the button below.

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